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The eyes are essential for the success of our make-up AND to personalize the glance. First, apply the light eyeshadow across the eyelid, then the pencil to outline the lash line and subsequently the dark and medium eyeshadow for light and shade effects. The eyeshadow must “fix” the pencil. As an alternative, you can also apply the pencil first, and then the dark eyeshadow to fix it; subsequently the medium eyeshadow and finally the light one to be blurred. Most importantly always apply the dark eyeshadow after the pencil.

For the eyeshadow, we recommend always using at least 2 colours, one dark and one light, to play with light and shadows. For the shades, use a third colour. There are 3 light points to be used to highlight the eyes: the inside of the mobile lid, the point of the eyelid that corresponds to the upper part of the eyebrow, and along the outer waterline from the tear duct to above the cheekbone.


Pascal’s Tips

Apply the lighter shadow under the eyebrow and at the side corner of the eye, for a deeper glance.