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This is a crucial part of the make-up routine because it has a twofold objective: to hide small skin imperfections and uniform the complexion. For this reason, the same foundation is not fit for everyone, but each person should find out which one is best for her or him among more or less covering creams and among various formulations (fluid, creamy or compact) depending on the skin type (dry/marked, normal/mixed, oily/fat) and uniformity (uniform, small dyschromias, spots/scars), as well as on the weather or season (hot, damp, cold, dry, etc.).

According to Pascal’s philosophy, the foundation must also be protective and nourishing for the skin, as it will remain in contact with the skin for the whole day. Furthermore, it should not highlight, but hide fine lines and wrinkles (“lifting effect”).


Pascal’s Tips

On mature skins, spread a smaller amount of foundation than in younger skins, so as not to highlight the signs of age.